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The Trump Effect: What the New Administration Means for China Sourcing and Supply Chains

Americans and the global community alike are paying close attention to the news coming out of Washington DC as a very populist Trump administration kicks into high gear. Sweeping changes are already taking place across domestic and international policies. Although it’s still too early to understand what the Trump presidency will fully entail, the new […]

How to Launch a New Product in Half the Time While Doubling Sales in the First Year

As the internet and technology continue to disrupt and consolidate global supply chains, an increasing amount of small business owners take a ‘factory-direct’ strategy, meeting and working with overseas suppliers to curb third-party overhead costs. On the surface, this strategy may appear to present a cost savings advantage, but closer inspection reveals another story. More […]

Turning Product Ideas into Reality: The Product Development Process

      From idea generation to a finished product ready for sale – the product development process is the journey in which every successful product undergoes to become a tangible reality with opportunity for monetization. A series of steps, this cycle includes conceptualization, design, development and marketing of new or rebranded goods. By understanding […]

China Manufacturing By Region (Infographic)

In today’s global economy, no country represents a bigger opportunity than China. As the world’s largest exporter and second-largest importer, China is modernizing rapidly. It’s home to 1.3 billion people with many cities of over 5 million that you probably haven’t heard of. While it’s known that many large corporations have done well in China, […]

Top 8 Reasons to Use the Internet for Sourcing Products in China

In today’s global economy there’s a dizzying array of sourcing options available for manufacturing overseas. If speaking Chinese seems difficult, imagine the challenge of navigating through thousands of factories that exist all over China whose quality and capabilities span a wide range. Finding the right supplier is crucial, but most underestimate the time and resources […]

Protecting Brand Integrity While Manufacturing Overseas

In the world of business, financial objectives have traditionally prevailed over the values of social responsibility and ethical behavior. As the global business landscape continues to flatten in an increasingly competitive economy, companies have to find ways to reduce costs and uncertainty more than ever. Supply chains are the low hanging fruit for finding new buckets […]

How will This Year’s APEC Negotiations Impact Global Business in 2015?

Over the past couple weeks there’s been a profusion of rumblings throughout both business media and international news outlets regarding the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, otherwise known as APEC. The annual summit, hosted this year in Beijing, China, gives representation to 21 Pacific-rim countries with a combined GDP of over $16 trillion and carrying […]