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Selling Ice to Eskimos and Chopsticks to the Chinese

We’ve all heard the term “he could sell ice to Eskimos” to describe the consummate salesman who is able to convince someone to buy something for which they either have little need or likely have ample supply on hand.  Or perhaps we’ve heard “he could sell them the shoes off their feet.”  In either case […]

What a Great Idea!

As a company plugged into the ecosystem of New Product Development we are fortunate to see a new idea for a great product almost every week.  Admittedly some fall into the “Why didn’t I think of that” category while others seem more limited in potential.  In both cases there is one key element missing 95% […]

The Real Cost of (Not) Doing Business in China?

“The good news is there are competent firms in place to assist in your project management initiatives.”

Using a China Agent vs Going Direct

As companies weigh the pros and cons of working directly with a factory vs. dealing through an agent for their China sourcing needs there are many points to consider. Top 10 Pros and Cons 1.  The scale or dollar volume purchased annually. (I published an article in M&A Magazine which argued it requires $40-$50MM in […]

How working with BaySource adds value, reduces time and expense

Anything is possible in China but nothing is easy” is a quotation found on the Baysource web site . Many companies go it alone when embarking on an outsourcing project for the first time. Commonly, purchasing personnel will rely on web and email correspondence when initiating a sourcing project in China. Small and mid […]

New Product Developers Part III

In our four part series dedicated to new product developers, innovators and inventors, we explore the 8 top considerations when developing a new product.  So far we have covered: Product Development Costs Distribution Channels Inventory and Startup Financing Capital Educating the Masses How will you announce the arrival of your new product to the world?  […]