China Outsourcing Advice

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Linking East and West, BaySource andEastlink Global Ltd represents a “safe pair of hands” for companies looking to do business in Asia today. Focused on innovative new products and manufacturing components, Eastlink Global is committed to building long-term partnerships with industry-leading companies who share our values of integrity, transparency and uncompromising customer service.In Asia today “Everything is possible… yet nothing is easy” however, our on-the-ground team is dedicated to providing the day-to-day execution needed to ensure your company’s success. Our extensive manufacturing networks, design engineering, program management capabilities and robust logistics infrastructure provide the “end-to-end” solution needed to win in today’s fast-paced environment. Partnering with BaySource and Eastlink Global allows you to instantly unlock the opportunities and benefits of working in Asia, optimizing cost savings and mitigating execution risk. Allow us to help navigate your next outsourcing initiative here in Asia.

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