China Manufacturing Alternatives – Plan B Strategy





Southeast Asia Sourcing Agent Services

As supply chains are changing due to trade disputes, companies are considering manufacturing in other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, India and Taiwan vs China. Things to consider:

  • How do supply chains vary from one country to another?
  • How are lead times affected by land and sea?
  • With different cultures, languages, laws and local protocols companies value the need for boots on the ground.
  • Sourcing agent services require intricate knowledge of effective supply chain practices and years of manufacturing disciplines.
  • Understanding clusters of manufacturing by region by country saves time and increases speed to market.
  • Based in Shanghai within one day travel to most of Asia
  • Market Insights

    The politics surrounding the Sino-American trade disputes have escalated rapidly. No one can yet know what the full impact will be on markets.

    • Real time insights provide deep dives into potential alternatives to low cost manufacturing countries without losing market position.
    • Where will manufacturing go after China? What are alternatives to China, currently “factory to the world?”
    • Recent research from Nikkei Asia Review finds 30% of American companies operating in China seek alternatives to China for supply chains.
    • Large percentage will move to lower Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Cost-reduction Strategy

    Identifying sourcing alternatives to Chinese manufacturing now positions companies for long term success.

    • Implementing quality assurance is built into every initiative.
    • Vietnam, Thailand, and India are options being weighed with emphasis on lowest cost Southeast Asia alternatives to manufacturing in China.
    • Our analyses include labor, logistics, skill sets, management capabilities and other levers for the total cost of production.
  • Seamless China Transition Plan

    • Collaborate on forecast and demand planning.
    • Intimate familiarity with clients’ products and materials.
    • Situational understanding gives deep insights when addressing these alternatives to China.
  • Calculated entry models

    You know your industry and your products. We provide a broad perspective across industries and products. Our insight can be valuable for your business. Our services include; board advisor, hiring key employees, receiving clients, advice on strategic decisions, and a bridge between local and foreign management.