Plastic Manufacturers in China

Plastic materials and products play an important role in almost every aspect of our lives from simple to cutting-edge technologies. From ball point pens to complex components used in the space program; buttons on shirts to bulletproof vests and prosthetic limbs, plastics can be found in a myriad of everyday products.

What is Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic injection molding is one of the most basic and reliable methods for manufacturing plastic components. Like 3D printing, it is highly accurate and a staple in manufacturing. Every industries from food to automotive rely on plastic injection molding.

As an extremely competitive market, it is imperative to keep start up costs for tooling to a minimum. High-quality plastic injection molding operations provide a comprehensive end-to-end quality assurance system.


How Do I Find a Plastic Manufacturer?

When looking for manufacturers whether in the USA or China for industrial or consumer products, selecting a factory with experience in custom injection molding and state-of-the-art facilities is critical in order to ensure success at every stage of the plastic molding process.

Lowest initial cost is what lures companies to have molds and tools built in China vs. America. Tooling costs in North America are often seven to ten times more than China. Production time for tooling often takes six weeks on average. Therefore, huge savings are found in labor savings. It is vital to work closely with an injection molds manufacturer throughout the entire process. This mitigates risk while maintaining timeline and budget. High-quality molds optimize cycle times, and reduces downtime or maintenance issues quickly paying for itself over the life of the mold.

The quality of Chinese mold makers varies wildly, even between projects. So make sure you are working with someone you trust.

Baysource Global works with mold makers that have consistently proven their quality, and constantly monitor their progress until a quality job is achieved.

Our experienced on-site project managers stay continually involved in client projects communicating daily and weekly with progress reports.