Plastic injection mold (aka injection mould in UK) is a tool for manufacturing plastic parts, also makes the plastic parts have full structures and precise dimensions.

Why Make Plastic Injection Molds in China?

You may ask yourself, why have my molds made in China? You have probably heard bad stories about plastic injection molds from China being of low quality, yet there are many companies that continue to buy injection molds from China; some of them placing big volume orders and some even opening their own sourcing office in China. Are those companies making a mistake? No. China injection mold makers can manufacture high quality molds as good as American and European companies do but at competitive lower prices.

In China these days, more and more plastic injection mold makers hire competent salespeople that speak English well and are good at both aspects of the business: sales and knowledge of the field. As we are all aware, understanding the technical part of the business is equally important for an injection mold making project. Most Chinese salespeople nowadays are good at CAD drawing, choosing materials and the mold making process in general; therefore, they have no problem conveying their ideas to the engineers.

How to select a Chinese injection mold supplier?

Always do thorough research when outsourcing plastic injection manufacturers. You can always take into consideration the list below when/before selecting a Chinese injection mold supplier:

  • References —Get it from them and do your homework
  • Origin of tool steel
  • Capital investment in shop and equipment — Is it a dive?
  • In place (established method) project plan that shows every aspect of build and give updates
  • Quality Systems
  • Validation Systems
  • Knowledge of your product — Have they done this before?
  • How much capability do they have — Can they do everything in-house?
  • Capacity and what is it at the moment you are placing your P.O.
  • Are they able to service you globally?

Metal Parts Manufacturing

  • Stamping
  • Sandcasting (for larger runs)
  • Die casting
    Durable, precise castings in a variety of sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses.

Custom plastic injection molding in China is especially effective when the plastics require secondary operations for completion. These secondary operations include anything from cleaning parts, over-molding, painting, drilling holes, pad printing, screen-printing, or partial sub-assemblies. In China they are able to take advantage of their lower labor rates to greatly reduce the costs for their customers. They are able to utilize high-end second-op machining and balancing machines when needed for plastic injection molding parts where tolerances cannot be met during molding operations.

Baysource Global is a single point of contact and the main connection between client and manufacturer. They are involved in the project from concept and design to finished product, especially when dealing with plastic injection molding.

They thoroughly review each new project focusing on material specifications, dimensional drawings and all levers that affect fit and function. Since they know cost, quality and timing are major concerns for new product developers, Baysource focuses on these factors in order to keep quality assurance.

Baysource Can Help You with the Following Industrial Products

  • Mechanical components cover the spectrum of all plastics grades, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cast metal parts.
  • Injection Molded Assemblies; all grades of commodity and engineering grade plastics. Single and multi cavity tools. Single shot, double shot and over molding options.
  • Stamped Assemblies, Progressive, Deep Draw, Transfer and Single Operation pressings available in all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Spot welding and all painting types available.
  • Cast Components & Assemblies; Pressure casting in Magnesium, Aluminum & Zinc, Investment
  • Casting in steel and stainless steel. CNC machining, sand blasting, polishing, painting and lacquering options available.
  • Projects requiring a high degree of value added engineering and quality control services

Whether you’re looking to enter the Chinese market or want to outsource product development and manufacturing to China, our team will help advance your business goals.