Product Development & Manufacturing

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From concept and design to finished product

We are a single point of contact and the critical link from concept and design to finished product. The key concerns for new product developers are cost, quality and timing.

We thoroughly review each new project focusing on material specifications, dimensional drawings and all levers that affect Fit and Function–all with a key emphasis on lowest total cost.
As projects move from the design and quotation phase we coordinate tool and prototype building, first article of inspection samples and final approvals.

During production we are on site ensuring all agreed upon specifications, including final primary and secondary packaging are correct. Throughout the entire project we report back with progress reports, photos, videos and timing updates.

  • How do I find a manufacturer for my product?

    We assess each new project identifying the best potential solutions for manufacturing success.

    Out of a wide range of potential suppliers, we pick the best supplier based on your product specifications.

  • How do I trust my manufacturing partner?

    Our thorough factory qualification process is done through a consistent methodology that includes on-site factory audits and weighted matrix analyses.  Recommendations are based on supplier references, years in business, financial health, plant equipment, capacity, certifications, quality records and overall management culture.

    Baysource Global is a high integrity, ethical organization with decades of experience and a verifable track record.

  • How can you help with Planning, Shipping and Logistics?

    Our clients have up to date information on critical timelines, shipping status and exception reports. We will coordinate logistics from manufacturing to your loading dock.

  • How do I avoid Quality Assurance mishaps & IP Theft?

    We proactively review all drawings, and details identifying potential gaps in design and specifications to ensure best fit and function in the finished product. We manage on-going, in-process and outgoing final product inspections to prevent latent defects from slipping into the supply chain. In addition to critical details, we provide written reports that include photos, and video creating a “window into the product flow” – Clients remain informed and involved with all decisions and adjustments.

    To prevent IP Theft, we manage the supply chain to conceal one supplier to another. We only work with factories that are pre-selected with credibility.

Are you a product developer looking for a trusted boots-on-the-ground partner in the US & Asia?

Contact the experts at Baysource Global to see how we can help turn your idea into a reality.

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