How Overseas Manufacturing Could Speed Up Your Company’s Delivery Process

Product Sourcing in China: A New Business Trend

With the emergence of China as an economic and industrial super-power, many business owners are opting for sourcing their products directly from manufacturers in China. Businesses of all sizes can now reap the benefits of importing from China. This is a worthwhile and viable option if you educate yourself on the subject.

Sourcing is already cost-effective; nonetheless, some companies presume that the lowest rate is going to be the most profitable. However, it isn’t always wise to make such assumption. When considering quotations and proposals from different manufacturers, don’t make price the primary factor. While price is obviously important and one the main reasons for purchasing from China in the first place, look instead for companies that are well established and focused on quality and serving other companies likes yours.

To source goods directly from China, a company must learn a set of basic capabilities. These include ensuring quality and control (e.g., evaluating a supplier’s ability to meet requirements), testing preproduction prototypes or samples, and assessing packing procedures. Logistics activities such as satisfying customs regulations and arranging shipments are important as well.

Baysource Golabal has over 10 years of experience helping companies source products and manufacturers in China. We can help you expand your business by taking care of all of the research and arrangements when it comes to China sourcing.

Although the internet has changed the way we source products, the aptitude, creativity and hard work of people still make the difference between good and bad sourcing.

From selecting suppliers to managing production, quality, inventory, and logistics, direct sourcing is a complicated set of activities involving many detailed decisions. Managers and/or business owners know that companies can stagger in any of these activities as they expand their sourcing options in China. Although sourcing products in China is appealing, a number of things can go wrong if the required effort is not invested. Companies find that they have to pay much more attention than expected to monitoring their suppliers’ flow processes—working back from expected delivery dates to check that suppliers receive raw materials on time and meet every subsequent milestone until the products ship. Without hands-on supervision and quick action when milestones are missed, companies face delays. That’s why companies like us take the edge off of sourcing industrial and consumer products in China. We are a single point of contact and the critical link from concept and design to finished product. The key concerns for new product developers are cost, quality and timing.

We thoroughly review each new project focusing on material specifications, dimensional drawings and all levers that affect Fit and Function–all with a key emphasis on lowest total cost.

Our clients come to us because we provide solutions that work.

If you have any questions about China product sourcing, or how Baysource Global can help expand your business, contact us today.