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With over a decade of experience, Baysource Global is an industry leading China sourcing agent. We help small business owners, CEOs, and engineering American companies expand into the Chinese market.

We offer services that manage the project from beginning to completion, which includes identifying, verifying, and qualifying your products.

We help companies with their sourcing, manufacturing, procurement, measuring strategies, product development and product supply chain of their products, subassemblies or components. Our proven process ensures a quality product at the best price, delivered in a timely manner and with reduced risk to you and your assets.

Our services include:

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Competitive quotes
  • Factory background checks
  • Ip protection and contracting
  • Product development and prototyping
  • Hands-on quality control
  • Logistics, customs and delivery

We have experience in manufacturing and product sourcing. In addition, we have access to multiple factories and several regions and provide several quotes from capable custom manufacturers. Our team in China personally represents you, available for face-to-face communication with factories and performing hands-on quality control inspections.

As a China sourcing agent, we are not obligated to promote any one factory, but will source the best manufacturer to produce your product.

From our past experiences, we have learned that good communication between all parties involved provides the best results; the combination of our partner companies and global trade gives you a source that you can trust to handle your needs.

We have an in-office team of 35 people, some of whom are located in China, which means they’ll be conducting business in the local language. This is a real advantage. When you use an agent like us, you will have Chinese businesspersons doing the negotiations in your behalf. This is more effective than a foreigner trying to fumble around in the Chinese business culture on his own and learn the ropes as he goes.

Our project mangers subservices include: logistics, freight, supply chain management, and coordination of multiple vendors. We believe high integrity, trust, and quality are the key to any business success.

Our promise is to always deliver quality service, provide customer satisfaction, and create relationships that’ll last.

When you’re looking for a China sourcing agent, make sure they offer you the following capabilities:

  • Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture
  • Quality Control experience
  • Audit experience
  • Logistics experience
  • Experience in managing Chinese suppliers
  • Category and sourcing process experience

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Whether you’re looking to enter the Chinese market or want to outsource product development and manufacturing to China, our team will help advance your business goals.

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