China’s rise to manufacturing preeminence in recent years has been amazing. And for over a decade, Baysource Global has been providing North American clients with manufacturing solutions.

China’s current outsourcing market is growing, and many countries have relocated their headquarters to China to establish businesses. Manufacturing in China opens a world of possibility to create a wide range of products and innovations. In addition, bringing product manufacturing to China allows you to create a higher volume of product for reasonable cost. With a little research and sourcing, you can build a partnership to manufacture your latest product invention. If your competitors successfully outsource manufacturing in China, they can offer prices to your customers that are 30 percent to 50 percent less than they are currently paying.

Our on site team can help you make your manufacturing process easier. We, at Baysource Global know that China is a country where anything is possible. Understanding the business culture, getting all your business disciplines intimately involved in your manufacturing operations there will help you succeed.

Some companies opt for going solo when it comes to manufacturing in China. We usually advise to get an agent who really understands Chinese culture and business ethics. Companies sourcing product from China can control their own destiny if they commit to establishing and nurturing deep working relationships. Whether you establish your own organization in China or you use third-party providers, it is critical that the Chinese manufacturer believes you are committed. If they sense you aren’t, they will not maintain the high level of scrutiny on quality control, safety issues, and performance needed to prevent mistakes and drive quality and on-time production. That will cost you money and potential harm to your company’s reputation.

We know that Chinese factories pay the most attention to customers who spend the most time working closely with them — on issues ranging from sample making, purchase order placement, production planning and scheduling, quality control, and shipping performance.

Best practices would indicate that having a team of at least three people working directly with the factory on a daily basis produce the best results:

  • A logistics person focusing on purchase orders and shipments
  • A product person focused on the design of the product and packaging requirements
  • A quality control person making sure that the product was being produced to proper standards

Baysource Global believes in long-term relationships; therefore, a group of dedicated factory partners are critical to building and maintain a successful outsourcing operation.

The bottom line is that your sincere commitment to work respectfully with your Chinese suppliers as a trusted partner — not as a disposable source of low-cost labor — will help you identify and solve problems. Remember, in China anything is possible as long as you’re ready to commit and invest time.

If you are ready to outsource your manufacturing business, we can help! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you along. 1 (813) 251-4184