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Manage Your Supply Chain in Asia When You Can’t Travel

Can't get to Asia?  BaySource has teams in both Asia and the US to ensure you're covered abroad by a local US partner.

Manage Your Supply Chain in Asia When You Can’t Travel

Can't get to Asia?  BaySource has teams in both Asia and the US to ensure you're covered abroad by a local US partner.

BaySource is Your Local Partner in Asia

Challenged with the unpredictable global supply chain climate? With decades of experience in leading outsourced manufacturing projects in Asia and 70+ member team of U.S./China-based professionals, BaySource is poised to be your go-to partner for all of your manufacturing needs in Asia.

Our team manages projects from beginning to completion, which includes identifying, verifying, and qualifying best in class manufacturers and a thorough assessment of each one.

We are experts at sourcing, manufacturing, procurement, measuring strategies, product development and supply chain improvements. Whether finished goods, subassemblies or components, our proven process ensures the highest quality product at the best price, delivered on time and with reduced risk to your organization.


I've known David since 1993. David is high integrity and hard working in every undertaking.  I've worked with Baysource on several outsourcing initiatives through the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). They know this market very well and have become an important resource for me as I evaluate investment opportunities and cost saving opportunities in Asia.

Jay Jester, Partner, Plexus Capital

We hired Baysource during our transitioning phase to outsource our manufacturing. Their adaptiveness to the economic conditions surrounding our industry and customers as well as keen eye to detail were superb. David Alexander is one individual who can step right into any situation and see the forest through the trees. He's a systemic thinker, visionary, focused, personable and results driven. I would recommend Baysource without reservation.

Kelly Baumer, MBA, PMP PMO Manager at Baker & Hostetler LLP

David, is a young remarkably talented businessman. Highly successful, with a true sense of business reality and business skill sets. His business and knowledge of China is excellent and Baysource offers significant help to companies wanting to develop in China. What impresses me most about Baysource is their clear and constant communication combined with China business acumen.

Jefferson Knot, Global Entrepreneur and Investor

I have known David for several years now both personally and professionally. He always does what he says he will do - every time. Further he has strong business problem solving skills. He and Baysource are an invaluable resource for any company doing business in China.

Jamie Harden President & CEO at Creative Sign Designs

David was able to listen to our business problems and developed low cost solutions and alternatives to help our business and profitability.

Greg Grabau CFO at Monin

We worked with Baysource on several projects and their knowledge and follow through are exceptional.

Melinda Busiere, Materials Manager at Intrepid Powerboats

Through my business relationship with David, I found him to be a man of integrity, professionalism and energy. His real experiences in doing business in China, and good understanding of Chinese social norm and culture have made him one of the best China sourcing professionals in Florida. I highly recommend David to any company that wants to source manufacturing services.

Brian Su, EB-5 & Chinese Investment Advisor, CEO of Artisan Business Group, Inc.

David utilized his experience as a manufacturer and business owner to launch BaySource, recognizing the need for small and mid-sized companies to be able to leverage the benefits of doing business in China. As a founding member in 2004, David and BaySource have built a reputation for providing invaluable project management on a platform of honesty and integrity. I recommend anyone even considering a project in China consult with David and BaySource.

Michael Vorel, Manager, Ecommerce at Olympus Americas

Our Approach to Sourcing in Asia

We have experience in manufacturing and product sourcing. In addition, we have access to multiple factories and several regions and provide several quotes from capable custom manufacturers. Our team in China personally represents you, available for face-to-face communication with factories and performing hands-on quality control inspections.

As a China sourcing agent, we are not obligated to promote any one factory, but will source the best manufacturer to produce your product.

From our past experiences, we have learned that good communication between all parties involved provides the best results; the combination of our partner companies and global trade gives you a source that you can trust to handle your needs.

We have an in-office team of 70+ people, some of whom are located in China, which means they’ll be conducting business in the local language. This is a real advantage. When you use an agent like us, you will have Chinese businesspersons doing the negotiations in your behalf. This is more effective than a foreigner trying to fumble around in the Chinese business culture on his own and learn the ropes as he goes.

Our project mangers subservices include: logistics, freight, supply chain management, and coordination of multiple vendors. We believe high integrity, trust, and quality are the key to any business success.

Our promise is to always deliver quality service, provide customer satisfaction, and create relationships that’ll last.

When you’re looking for a China sourcing agent, make sure they offer you the following capabilities:

  • Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture
  • Quality Control experience
  • Audit experience
  • Logistics experience
  • Experience in managing Chinese suppliers
  • Category and sourcing process experience

Whether you’re looking to enter the Chinese market or want to outsource product development and manufacturing to China, our team will help advance your business goals.

Want to learn more about our sourcing process?

BaySource Services


New Product Introductions

A methodical approach to identifying, verifying and qualifying potential new suppliers based on 20+ years of experience of understanding China’s manufacturing clusters by industry and applying our Sourcing Funnel (link) to find best in class fit based on clients’ certifications, materials, and quality standards.


Process Improvement

Many clients have invested a few years of working with a specific factory or supplier yet not achieving desired results. Whether ongoing quality concerns, continued missed deadlines, lack of urgency and overall communication challenges, we can generally get to root cause issues and implement CPIs for immediate results.


Supplier Due Diligence

Whether a new or existing factory there is no substitute for on-site audits to confirm experience, assets (plant, property & equipment), staffing and a commitment by ownership and management to meet client needs.


Factory Turnarounds

Clients have invested time, capital and learning curve to developing a factory and often time it makes most sense to continue working with a supplier who seems to be committed yet falling short of expectations. Our team brings three decades of manufacturing and process expertise to the table. By quantifying to factory owners how they can become more profitable and even grow their business we gain the trust of owners and managers in a non-threatening approach that becomes a win-win.


Quality Audit & Pre-Shipment Inspection

“You can’t inspect quality into finished goods” is part of our vernacular.   By establishing a Quality Assurance (QA) program on the front end, suppliers can avoid Quality Control (QC) challenges that lead to increased costs for them and substantial financial exposure for the client.


Vendor Management

Our clients have hundreds of thousands of products moving through their supply chains. In many cases multiple factories are producing parts for a single finished product. With deadlines being critical to any business we provide daily visibility via a single dashboard using Smartsheets which are populated and maintained by our team. Highlighted are any variances to originally scheduled production and ship dates so clients are in the know in real time.

Why BaySource?

Complete Transparency

Throughout each project we report frequently and consistently, leveraging technology, photos and videos for progress reports

Years of Experience

Our team has over a decade of product development experience in Greater China.

U.S. and China Team

We’re staffed by U.S. based professionals who understand manufacturing, operations, and project management.

Focus on Quality

Quality and consistency are an absolute requirement. There is no compromise.

Leave The Manufacturing to Us

Re-direct your operating budget, resources, and human capital to what you do best.

Speed to Market

We help our clients recognize their goals at a fraction of the time of “going it alone.”

Ready to Start Your Next Project?

With over 30 years experience assisting companies in supply chain excellence we accelerate goals while mitigating risk. Let us know more about your project below.  All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

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