Case Study – Leading Marine Product Manufacturer

Leading Marine Product Manufacturer Saves $350K Annually, Achieves 365% ROI

  • Background

    Years ago, an industry-leading marine product manufacturer in the United States initiated sourcing in China to improve margins in highly-competitive, price- sensitive markets.

  • Challenge

    Frustration was high with Chinese suppliers, where loose relationships and a haphazard approach were not generating results. So when a mature product line required design changes and a new set of tooling, company leaders turned to Baysource Global for help.

  • Solution

    Serving as a bridge between the client and supplier, Baysource Global:

    • Researched and scrutinized development and manufacturing suppliers with aligned interests.
    • Selected the best supplier with plastic injection molding experience.
    • Sourced high-quality component substitutes.
    • Collaborated side by side with suppliers and the client to navigate design and mold changes.
    • Resolved issues related to incremental design changes as the product moved from development to production.
    • Created and executed a testing plan for quality control.
    • Transitioned to ongoing quality assurance oversight, which continues to this day.
  • Results

    A high-quality, cost-effective solution was developed and accelerated through development and production in just six months, resulting in a 35% annual savings totaling $350,000.

  • Impact

    • Reduced costs 35%
    • Achieved 365% ROI
    • Met goals for time to market
    • Delivered a high-quality solution in under six months

“We’re saving $350,000 annually thanks to Baysource Global.”

Senior LeaderMarine Products Manufacturer