In today’s competitive business climate, product and industrial manufacturers face challenges, such as fluctuating market conditions, assertive competition, pricing pressures and rising costs for raw materials. Against this milieu, manufacturers are constantly seeking out creative ways to reduce costs, assure and improve the quality of the final product and achieve a faster time to market; they continue to bring new, highly differentiated products to market – cost-effectively and within compressed time frames.

Baysource Global is a USA-Shanghai based product manufacturing and distribution company that helps you to optimize your business by re-directing your operating budget, resources, and human capital.

Unlike many companies that are unsure about how to transform their sourcing and procurement in China, we reduce costs by removing the need for costly and lengthy trips, doing research for the right manufacturer and hiring manpower.

Some companies, and it’s perfectly understandable, fear the risks of sourcing goods in China and forget to embrace the opportunities that come with it. Sourcing companies operating in this country take sufficient precaution in procuring materials or trained manpower. Leveraging experienced staff at a procurement service company is a potentially attractive strategy to mitigate these risks and ensure sourcing success.

At Baysource Global, we help those companies that cannot afford to establish overseas offices or manufacturing operations; we effectively and efficiently source manufacturers in China for our clients.

We can source consumer or industrial products, packaging, and anything else your company requires helping you in turn to save time and look forward to your products being produced to your specifications.

One of the many advantages of being a sourcing agent is that we are able to identify the right suppliers in China based on volume and core competencies. Our overseas team calls the factories, verify that they’re legitimate, and once the order is placed, visit their location and meet with representatives. Our team of experts inspects the shipments before they leave China and provide reports back with photos, videos and timing updates.

Sourcing is an ongoing process that changes based on updates to the workforce plan, business conditions, and the competitive climate for the best talent. During slower economic times, creative ways need to be developed to build up the prospect pool of great talent. This pool can then be tapped during times of economic recovery and growth. Shutting off the sourcing pipeline during periods of contraction and ramping it up again in the good times is the best strategy for hiring the leftovers.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their businesses by offering sourcing solutions.

Whether you’re looking to enter the Chinese market or want to outsource product development and manufacturing to China, our team will help advance your business goals.