Turnkey Manufacuring – What it is

The general definition for turnkey, according to Investopedia, is a product or service that is designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete and ready to operate; the contractor or provider undertakes the entire responsibility from design through completion and commissioning. The term implies that the end user just has to turn a key and start using the product or service.

In the highly globalized and competitive market of manufacturing, there is a constant need to improve performance and provide on-time delivery so that the company’s development is ensured. Turnkey manufacturing services are the smart choice for your next equipment procurement project. One of the benefits of turnkey manufacturing is that a turnkey manufacturer eliminates the hassle of communicating with multiple companies. Rather than contacting your equipment designer, following up with the manufacturer, and contacting the designer again, you only need to contact one company.

How to achieve it

This is what we, at Baysource Global, do for our clients. We thoroughly review each new project focusing on material specifications, dimensional drawings and all levers that affect Fit and Function–all with a key emphasis on lowest total cost.

A great advantage about turnkey manufacturing is that it is implemented very quickly and saves a lot of time for the company. Many companies nowadays provide turnkey services; they have offices stationed very strategically around the world to facilitate the process. Services include assembly line production, acquisition of the materials required, testing the manufactured objects and ensuring they are at an optimal level, and providing after market services and also providing the very important warranty support. All these features make turnkey manufacturing, a very popular and sought-after form of production. Some of the companies which provide this service also deal in giving their clients the product design services. There are a few companies which use this model of manufacturing right from the beginning, as their company is dependent on innovative products rather than the ones that are infrastructure-intensive.

Is Turnkey Manufacturing the right fit for my company?

If your business requires a fast, efficient, cost effective turnkey service, we can provide everything from basic PCB manufacture through to complete product assembly. You’ll have the full support of our design and production engineering team throughout the process, so any problems can be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

As projects move from the design and quotation phase we coordinate tool and prototype building, first article of inspection samples and final approvals. During production we are on site ensuring all agreed upon specifications, including final primary and secondary packaging are correct. Throughout the entire project we report back with progress reports, photos, videos and timing updates.

Do you have a change to make to your project? Want to add in a new feature or change a dimension? With a turnkey manufacturer, that’s not a problem! Turnkey manufacturers provide design and manufacturing in one —making the communication between designer, manufacturer, and installer all in one. No more contacting your designer, following up with the manufacturing, re-contacting your designer with information from the manufacturer. Any change to the design of your equipment is immediately communicated and factored into the manufacturing and installation process, without extra phone calls and headaches.

After doing research on turnkey manufacturers, make sure they offer cost effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction. Some of these benefits should include:

  • Design support
  • Procurement
  • Low and high volume assembly.
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Final assembly.
  • Full functional testing.
  • Packing and shipping services.
  • Scheduled deliveries.

When one company handles your project from concept to completion, it’s easier to guarantee a higher quality product.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of working with a turnkey manufacturer?

Baysource Global can provide you with the turnkey services needed to get your project done right and on time. Give us a call (813) 251-4184 or via our contact page.