Demand ultimately depends on consumer spending. The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient production and distribution. Large companies often have large economies of scale in purchasing, production, and marketing. Small companies can compete effectively by producing specialized products.

Today’s consumers, however, are more concerned than ever about the products they purchase for themselves and their families. Recent failures and product recalls have increased the public’s demands for consumer product testing —areas of particular interest are the materials used in children’s toys and electronics, as well as the composition of health and beauty products and dietary supplements.

Because of safety issues on certain products, a lot of product manufacturers have implemented better safety procedures. For companies outsourcing to China (those involving consumer products such as babies’ toys and healthcare products), a shift in manufacturing practice and compliance had to be enforced. Companies can take nothing for granted when managing day-to-day activities involving China operations. Manufacturing companies need to be diligent in understanding anomalies, delays, and ultimately, product safety.

Quality control therefore has been a big issue facing companies considering manufacturing in China. It has been rated the most important operational issue faced by American companies in this market.

Contract manufacturing companies like Baysource Global specialize in low total cost and turnkey manufacturing solutions. We help you eliminate the need for costly and lengthy trips since our liaison partners handle all your product manufacturing needs. Therefore, your staff remains focused on critical projects and crucial timelines.

Our U.S. based professionals understand manufacturing, operations, and project management. We provide a broad perspective across industries and products. Our insight can be valuable for your business. Our services include; board advisor, hiring key employees, receiving clients, advice on strategic decisions, and a bridge between local and foreign management.

When it comes to consumer products, we realize quality is paramount for your company as well as the end-user. Baysource’s thorough factory qualification process is done through a consistent methodology that includes on-site factory audits and weighted matrix analyses.  Recommendations are based on supplier references, years in business, financial health, plant equipment, capacity, certifications, quality records and overall management culture. Because we strongly believe in high-quality products, we proactively review all drawings, and details identifying potential gaps in design and specifications to ensure best fit and function in the finished product. We manage on-going, in-process and outgoing final product inspections to prevent latent defects from slipping into the supply chain. In addition to critical details, we provide written reports that include photos and video. Our clients remain informed and involved with all decisions and adjustments.

Consumer Products We Help Bring to Market

  • Injection molded plastic parts and assemblies
  • Cut and Sew
  • Custom designed next generation products
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Furniture—wood, metal and other
  • Finishing-powder coated, dipped, chrome and other finishes
  • Primary and secondary packaging; custom printed artwork
  • Ceramics
  • Outdoor living
  • Projects that require disciplines across a wide variety of materials

Have a product you’d like manufactured in China and don’t know how to get it made? Contact Baysource Global today.