Finding the right manufacturer for your product is a huge challenge. You need to find a trustworthy partner that will create a product that meets your standards in terms of quality and cost and will provide reliable and timely shipments.

Thanks to in advancements in communications technology, it’s now easier than ever to outsource manufacturing overseas to Asian countries such as China. These suppliers are often able to provide comprehensive services at prices that American manufacturers can’t match. No matter where you’re looking to manufacture your goods, there are several steps that must be taken in order to make sure that you wind up with a quality product at an affordable price on the market.

Create a Prototype

Before you begin finding a manufacturer, you must fully develop your product. You can do this either by yourself or by employing the help of a product developing agency. Either way, you need to work out all the details and create a working prototype. This prototype must be tested and reworked according to the results until it has reached a quality level that both you and your customers will be satisfied with.

Understand Your Needs

In order to find the perfect partner, you have to be fully aware of all of your needs and desires when it comes to finding a manufacturer. You should make a list of all of the qualities that you will not compromise on and rank your desired traits by their importance.

Create a Shortlist

There are many different ways to find a manufacturer for your product. The internet is full of sites that aggregate manufacturers based on location and resources. You can also use search engines to find and refine results. Referrals from your preexisting network also is a great way to start and can provide you with valuable insights. Be sure to ask for and check references from every company that you’re considering working with. Once you’ve gathered a list of possible partners, compare them side by side and create a shortlist of the top choices.

Compare Quotes

Once you have your shortlist, you need to send a prototype to your manufacturers and get quotes for the projects. Make sure each quote includes detailed descriptions of every process including quality control, weekly/monthly reports, milestones and timelines.

Place your Purchase Order

Once you’ve gotten all the quotes then it is time to decide. Choose the manufacturer that you feel will be the best partner and provide you with the best product. Then it’s time to place your PO!