For any company that has sourced manufacturing to China, the issue of quality control is ever present in your mind. How can I guarantee that my product is up to my standards without being there to monitor production? Quality control inspection services provide in depth reports that include specs and pictures in order to guarantee that all of your goods are up to your standards.

Why do I need an inspection service?

If you are not able to be physically present and oversee manufacturing, then you need to have eyes and ears on site in order to make sure everything meets your standards. Outsourcing companies will provide on-site reports including photographs throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is the best way to guarantee that everything is on schedule and up to par. If you aren’t able to afford an outsourcing company, or are trying to go through the whole process solo, then hiring a quality control inspection service before shipping is vital.

If you don’t take any steps to guarantee the quality of your products, it’s possible that you could wind up with an entire order of useless products.

Sourcing Companies vs Inspection Services

There are a number of different types of agencies that you can employ while outsourcing manufacturing to China. When it comes to quality assurance, the two main types you should be looking into are sourcing companies and inspection services.

Sourcing companies provide a number of different services. Some will take care of the entire process from product development to outsourcing to manufacturing. These full-scale operations are often the best route to go because they already have a network of trusted partners overseas and have dealt with cases similar to yours already. Some of them will even give your account an on-site manager to provide you with constant updates. These companies will cost you a bit more, but provide you with much more comprehensive services.

Inspection services vary mainly in terms of quality and speed. The more complex your product, the more specialized (and expensive) the company will have to be. For relatively simple products, there are a number of less expensive but reliable services that will inspect all the products before they are shipped.

Whether you’re looking to enter the Chinese market or want to outsource product development and manufacturing to China, our team will help advance your business goals.