The Philippines is a nation that has the potential for major growth in the manufacturing sector as global businesses continue to part ways with China. Significant growth and improvement to production capabilities and infrastructure have been key focus points for the country and make the Philippines an attractive destination for supply chain leaders.

Core Industries: Mining/mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, electronics, and semiconductors.

Three benefits of manufacturing in the Philippines

1. Growing production capabilities
The Philippines’ economy is one of the fastest-growing in all of Asia. Factories and other production facilities are rapidly being built throughout the country to meet demand. These increased production capabilities are a great confidence boost for companies looking to outsource their manufacturing to the area.

2. Infrastructure
There is a well-developed modern infrastructure for transportation and shipping in the Philippines, especially in the main metropolitan areas. An ongoing government initiative, called the “Build, Build, Build” program, also promises to increase production capabilities through high-impact infrastructure projects.

3. Special Economic Zones
The Philippines also offers special economic zones which allow for increased ease of business. Businesses manufacturing in these areas can receive huge economic benefits such as lower tax costs and customs duties.

Our team has compiled more information on programs & policies to inform you of what you need to know when outsourcing manufacturing in the Philippines.

Southeast Asia Manufacturing Alternatives Handbook

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