Offshore Manufacturing advice

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For purchasing and operations personnel, attempting to “get to China” can be a daunting proposition.  BaySource consists of U.S. based professionals who work with key decision makers to identify ways to reduce the acquisition cost of manufacturing parts/components, sub- assemblies and /or finished goods.  We help our clients dramatically lower their cost of goods by working together to identify areas of spend where we can drive an immediate financial impact.  With our Asia based infrastructure we develop immediate solutions for margin improvement.  Our strategic focus is middle market organizations that may not have the organization established or the sourcing presence in China today.  Think of the time and effort companies spend in developing a Far East sourcing strategy.  The challenge of establishing a China office alone can consume most middle market companies for twelve months or more!  The managing of financial exposure, establishing legal entities and navigating the vast cultural differences can take most companies off their primary focus of running their day-to-day businesses.  With our existing team throughout China, we provide the sourcing expertise and cost reducing opportunities that most companies need today. Our ability to quickly “connect the dots” in terms of matching supply chain needs with immediate options for savings is a complete “no cost / no risk” solution for companies wanting to source in China.  We understand productivity, quality and speed to market but most importantly how to meet and exceed the requirements of U.S. based companies. 

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