Setting up and managing an effective quality control program can pose many challenges. How do you find the right partner factory? How do you identify and overcome potential issues or barriers? How do you ensure the right aspects of your product are being checked? How do you know when additional testing and certifications are needed?

In this webinar, David Alexander, Founder and President of Baysource Global and Dory Lanenter, Senior Business Development Manager at QIMA will provide an introductory overview to quality control.

To view the webinar, visit or download the slides below.

Quality Control 101 Packet

About the Speakers

David Alexander, Founder and President, Baysource Global

David Alexander is the Founder and President of Baysource Global ( Since 2005 Baysource Global has assisted North American companies with supply chain and sourcing initiatives in China. With 50+ team members based in Shanghai Baysource provides factory due diligence, QA/QC audits, pricing negotiation, and overall insight and oversight for complex manufacturing assignments primarily for new product development initiatives. While the primary focus has been in China Baysource now operates in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other SE Asian countries.

Dory Lanenter, Senior Quality Control Manager, QIMA

Dory Lanenter has been a Senior Quality Control Manager at QIMA since 2012. Dory brings his expertise in product integrity and ethical compliance to support multiple client success programs at QIMA, a global quality control, and compliance services provider. As a certified social compliance auditor, Dory supports QIMA’s North American operations, helping QIMA’s clients ensure ethics and sustainability throughout their supply chains.

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