Recently I posed the question asking what the best books available on China were. My intention was to highlight both Western and Eastern perspectives on topics ranging from everything from business culture and protocol; political climate; culture, and basic life in China. There was a great response which is compiled below. Overwhelmingly there was a sentiment that there is no substitute for the experience of living and working in China. However, for those without this limited or practical experience here is the top 30 that members from three Linked In Groups–China Trade Group, Business in China, and Procurement Professionals said: (listed by title and author)

Mr. China, Tim Clissold top 4
Managing the Dragon, Jack Perkowski top 4
The China Price, Alexandra Harney top 4
China Inc, Ted Fishman top 4
One Billion Customers, James McGregor
China StreetSmarts, John Chan
The Art of the Deal in China, Laurence J. Brahm
The Art of War, Sun Tzu
Chinese Business Negotiating Style, Tony Fang
Inside Chinese Business, Dr. Ming-Jer Chen
Chinese Business Etiquette, Scott D. Seligman
The Chinese, Jasper Becker
Business Leadership in China, Frank T. Gallo
The Coming Collapse of China, Gordon chang
Luxury China, Michael Chevalier
Elite China, Pierre Xiao Lu
Where East Eats West, Sam Goodman, Michelle Ree
Poorly Made in China, Paul Midler
Factory Girls, Leslie T. Chang
All the Tea in China, Kit Chow, Ione Kramer
China Shakes the World, James Kynge
China: Fragile Superpower, Susan L. Shirk
The Tiananmen Papers, Liang Zhang, Andrew Nathan
Gifts Favors and Banquets, Mayfair Mei-hui Yang
Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics, Yasheng Huang
The Great Wall, William Lindesay
What does China Think?, Mark Leonard
The Search for Modern China, Jonathan D. Spence
Chinese Religiosities, Mayfair Mei-hui Yang
When Asia Was the World, Stewart Gordon

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