Visiting the National Hardware Show is one of the highlights of our year at Baysource Global. Not only are there incredible clever gadgets, but you get to meet the inventors and innovators behind them. The National Hardware Show is growing every year, and this year attracted over 2800 exhibitors and 110+ inventors.

When you arrive at the National Hardware Show, you can tell that you are in the presence of some of the greatest innovators, who are at a pivotal point in their careers. Tradeshows are often the first places that product innovators go to get their product in front of people and get real-time feedback. The first step for many inventors is going to a tradeshow, then preparing prototypes and finally sending out sales samples, which will likely give them dominion over the invention. To read more about the process of turning your idea into reality, click here.

The National Hardware Show’s focus on homeware innovations. So the products that we saw there will have the chance of being sold in Home Depot and QVC in the near future.

Check out our list of interesting gadgets that we came across throughout the 3-day tradeshow in Las Vegas:

1. Handzy – Shop Like You Mean It!

We’ve all been in a store and end up with sore arms and hands from carrying around loads of merchandise. The Handzy lets you shop more comfortably! Perfect for clothing hangers and even paint cans.

Handzy - Shop like you mean it

2. Plant Egg™ –  Seed Capsules with Time Release Hydration, Fertilization & Insect Resistance

The Plant Egg™ is a clever gardening invention that is an all-in-one seed and fertilizer capsule. Just plant the capsule and water as instructed, and you’ll have a variety of fresh, organic vegetables and flowers in a snap!

3. Dozop – Personal Logistics Made Easy

Dozop is a light-weight portable dolly to make moving heavy equipment or furniture easy. Lighten your load with this snazzy invention!

4. Beach Buddy – The Ultimate Outdoor Beverage Caddy!

How many times have you been at the beach, and your phone or drink gets covered with sand? Well, that is a thing of the past with the Beach Buddy! They come in a variety of colors and with the option of custom labels!

5. SurePlunge – Amazing CO2 Powered Plunger

The SurePlunge harnesses the amazing power of CO2 in order to clear clogged toilets, sinks and drains. With just the press of a button, CO2 forces out most clogs so you can clear your drains using the latest technology.

6. TrayCozy – Dress Up Your Disposable Aluminum Pans

Tens of millions of Aluminum Pans are sold every year and the design has not changed much since they were first released. The TrayCozy allows you to have the convenience of disposable aluminum pans while adding some extra pizzazz to your next dinner party or picnic.

7. BBQ Croc EASY GRILL – Portable BBQ Made Easy!

Your next barbeque is now easy as 1-2-3 with the Easy Grill portable BBQ! This innovative and simple product allows you to grill on the go. It even allows a variety of grilling options with briquettes, charcoal, or wood.

8. Tailgate with the Pros!

This is every pickup truck owner’s dream. Now you can grill like a pro with this high-quality grill that attaches right to the back of your truck!

9. Pawcet – Drinking Fountain For Dogs

Dogs are just like us, they get thirsty when they are running around outside. Give your dog the power to control his/her own water intake with the Pawcet! All you need is a hose, and voila – the Pawcet hooks directly in for your dog to enjoy their very own water fountain.

10. Tapology! – Microfoam Beer System

This product is so new it hasn’t hit the market yet! Enjoy a beer on-tap wherever you are. This cooler doubles as a portable tap that dispenses ultra-fine foam to give your beer a perfect draft taste.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of our favorite gadgets from this years National Hardware Show. Stay tuned as we visit other tradeshows throughout the year and pick our favorite innovations.

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