Every year the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas attracts hundred of new product innovators that are showing their inventions for the first time. When you wander down the aisles you can see some of the most cutting-edge products before they even hit the shelves of Home Depot, QVC or even Shark Tank!

The new products that you see are at a pivotal point in their lifecycle. Often times, inventors will go to a tradeshow in order to access big-box retailers in order to get their first large purchase order. Once they receive that PO from a retailer, they can proceed with their first round of major production.

At this year’s show, we saw a ton of inventions that were focused on Outdoor Entertainment and Utility. The trend of enjoying backyard life is reflected in the diverse range of products catering to outdoor enthusiasts.

Here is our list of the 8 Products Most Likely to Succeed from the National Hardware Show :


1. Barrel House Cooker

Website: www.barrelhousecooker.com

This sleek new product lets you harness the power of a professional smoker all in the comfort of your backyard. This product is perfect for someone who does not have the time or energy to smoke their own meats. Now with the Barrel House Cooker, you can enjoy tender and juicy smoked meats for a fraction of the cost and space of a professional BBQ.

2. Flash Point

Website: www.flashpointus.com

Flash Point created an entire line of Grilling Tools to make your outdoor cooking experience as easy and simple as possible. They made our list because of their attention to detail and quality. One of our favorite gadgets is their BBQ tong for easy burger-flipping, followed by their pepper holder, which is perfect for making grilled, stuffed peppers.

Clunky, cumbersome grilling tools are a thing of the past. With Flash Point, you will want to buy the entire collection of grilling accouterment and have yourself a backyard party!

3. Lever Gear

Website: www.levergear.com

The Lever Gear is this decade’s version of the Swiss Army Knife. It is the size of a credit card and performs 40 different utilities that can be used hundreds of times. Never get a paper cut again while trying to open a package with your bare hands or break a nail trying to tighten a screw because you don’t have access to a screwdriver. With the Lever Gear, you will have all the convenience of an all-purpose tool in your pocket.

Yard and Outdoor

4. Tracey Shovel

Website: www.traceyshovel.com

Say goodbye to wasting bags of dirt, and say hello to the Tracey Shovel! This patent-pending innovation will save you time and money with its unique design used to recycle dirt that sticks to the root bulb of a plant.

Watch their video to see it in action:

5. Yard-X

Website: www.yard-x.com

This 5-in-1 device will be your best garden tool once you see all the benefits it has to offer. Throw away all of your old, rusty tools that are cluttering up your garden shed, and replace them with the Yard-X!

Now you can do all of the following with one tool, simply by adjusting its blade angle:

  1. Rake and Smooth
  2. Hoe and Slice
  3. Scrape and Cut
  4. Edge and Chop
  5. Aerate and Loosen

Watch the video to see the magic at work!

6. Kwik BagIt

Website: www.kwikbagit.com

Something so simple as raking leaves can be one of the biggest gardening pains. With leaves flying everywhere and a loose plastic bag – trying to wrangle all the leaves is nearly impossible. That’s where the Kwik BagIt comes into play! This handy stand will make any trash bag into a portable standing trashcan with its lightweight design and versatile clips.

You have to watch the video and see it for yourself to see what a simple, yet ingenious invention it really is:

Automotive and Repair

7. Abell Tek ECO-LOOP

Website: www.abelltek.com

The ECO-LOOP solves the problem of dripping fluids that are an inventible outcome of car maintenance. It is designed to handle all automotive liquids, except for gasoline, and provide for clean and simple delivery of those fluids.

Watch their hilarious video to get the full scoop:

Toolbox Widget

Website: www.toolboxwidget.com

Keeping your toolbox organized when you are constantly adding to it is impossible. The Toolbox Widget uses a durable and simple modular system to give you total control over customizing your toolbox and changing the storage layout at the drop of a hat.

You can shake up your toolbox all you want, but once the magnetic modules are in place, they won’t shuffle around. View the Toolbox Widget in action:

Hope you enjoyed our list of the products most likely to succeed this year from the National Hardware Show! Check back later as we visit more tradeshows and report on the trending products you need to have on your radar.

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